HTML5 Player for your browser : About & Enabling It

YouTube Started rendering videos using HTML5 Player some days back……
HTML 5 enables you to watch streaming video from internet without the need of a flash player .HTML5 is just a trail now,some of you may also be driven into it automatically if your browser supports HTML5 .Most of the browsers support HTML5.Even if it is now present by default [Chrome has HTML 5 by default] you can find plugins for it…..
Why to use HTML5 Player????HTML5 Player for your browser : About & Enabling It tips and tweaks
If that is the Question no doubt first enable it and continue with the answer….
Just Visit this to Enable HTML5 Player :
Now if you want to know ,the main advantage is streaming speed….its improved a lot…even quality differs but cannot be distinguished….
Now you can watch videos full screen with nice quality even you have low bandwidth….
Visit to enable it/find the plugin needed…..

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