Mac OS X Tutorial for Newbies(Made Easy for Windows Users)

Basically Windows Users When they Want to [Or] Have to use Mac they get a bit confused with things there ….if it is first time then ……searching for My Computer !!! it would be Weird …..ok not searching for that …..installing an application!!…What now …..?? and once think you can’t even create a Shortcut for a file without knowing the word…..ya ya..its Make Alias if you know.Mac OS X Tutorial for Newbies(Made Easy for Windows Users) tips and tweaks software guides
Here is a Video Showing you different objects in Mac OS X Comparing with those of Windows.
Things Covered :
1)Basic things like Dock[Taskbar] , Menu bar …..and more.
2)Finder[Windows Explorer], Applications [Program Files] folder with some details.
3)Installing Applications .dmg and .pkg .
4)Keyboard Shortcuts.
5)Instant Messenger iChat[Windows Messenger].
6)System Preferences[Control Panel] and Activity Monitor[Task Manager].
7)Quick Time Player[Windows Media Player] and i Tunes
8)Some other necessary things like creating Shortcuts …….etc. etc.

Now if you finished watching …….you at least don’t need to search for things…..

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