About Nizam(LeoZues)

About Nizam(LeoZues)
Nizam(LeoZues) is the founder of Developer’s Favorite Software and Tech blog. He is a technology enthusiast having the knowledge of now-a-days technologies. He has experience in application development for Windows Phone, Windows 8 ,Nokia S40 platforms including web development in PHP and ASP.NET (used for Web APIs in his applications) for more than three years as of now.
Starting with his YouTube Channel consisting of tutorials to generally occurred software issues and installation problem’s solutions along with the gameplays of few popular games he started his internet world and later turned up as a mobile application developer for the above mentioned platforms.
All his windows phone apps can be seen here. Few of his apps also got featured in several stores online several times. A couple of apps also got listed in top paid/top free apps list in windows phone store.
This blog is the result of daily issues he faces in software development and tries hard overnights to solve small WTF kinda ones. Posts also include basic installation tutorials for developers beginning their journey so that they don’t get stuck just right where they start! (@SDK and IDE installations and initial configuration).So all the best for starters ;).
So guys ,lets expect the issues you face in software development get solved over so that you can continue to the end product ASAP. All The Best and Thank you for your interest .

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