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Java Compilers with a good User Interface

Most of the beginners learning java programming will be taught to use Notepad to write java program and compile it with command line java compiler .
This is good for learning basic syntax but will be annoying when one tries to write a reasonable java program and finds difficulty in writing it in a text editor and then compiling it via command line.

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Mac OS X Tutorial for Newbies(Made Easy for Windows Users)

Basically Windows Users When they Want to [Or] Have to use Mac they get a bit confused with things there ….if it is first time then ……searching for My Computer !!! it would be Weird …..ok not searching for that …..installing an application!!…What now …..?? and once think you can’t even create a Shortcut for a file without knowing the word…..ya ya..its Make Alias if you know.Mac OS X Tutorial for Newbies(Made Easy for Windows Users) tips and tweaks software guides
Here is a Video Showing you different objects in Mac OS X Comparing with those of Windows.

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HTML5 Player for your browser : About & Enabling It

YouTube Started rendering videos using HTML5 Player some days back……
HTML 5 enables you to watch streaming video from internet without the need of a flash player .HTML5 is just a trail now,some of you may also be driven into it automatically if your browser supports HTML5 .Most of the browsers support HTML5.Even if it is now present by default [Chrome has HTML 5 by default] you can find plugins for it…..

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